8 reasons why Whale tankers are the next great addition to your rental fleet

14 Dec 2020

Solving a range of needs, vacuum tankers are an important part of many companies’ operations and logistics. From planned industrial cleaning to urgent flood response, they have a vital role to play. That’s why it’s important for us to continually expand and enhance our vacuum tanker fleet – because whatever the situation, you need the right tanker for the job – with efficiency, safety and quality assurance guaranteed.

Introducing our new Whale Tanker capabilities

We’ve recently invested in two new waste vacuum tankers, the 26t DAF CF370 FAN and 32t DAF CF450 FAX, from Whale, one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of liquid waste vacuum tankers. These additions to our rental fleet offer you advanced features and capabilities to maximise your efficiency and make operating as easy as possible.

In this article, we’ll take you through eight ways our new Whale tankers can enhance the performance and operation of your rental fleet.

Whale Vacuum Tanker

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1.   You can operate them in tight access areas

Both of our new Whale rental tankers have the semi-automatic gearbox and rear steer axle. The rear steer axle will allow your operators to achieve a better (reduced) turning circle, for easier manoeuvring in tight access areas.

2.   You can suction and transport high volumes of liquid

Our new tankers have large capacities making them versatile and suitable for a wider range of waste types. Our 26t tanker has a 3200 gallon or 14,500-litre capacity and our 32t tanker has a 4400 gallon or 20,000-litre capacity.

3.   You can rely on them for a longer working life

Built using 304 stainless steel, both tankers have a far longer working life than mild steel, providing great reliability and durability. They are most suitable for non-hazardous waste. Both tankers have a 1 bar working pressure.

4.   They give you easy access with a tank top and rear manhole

Our Whale 26t DAF CF370 FAN and 32t DAF CF450 FAX both feature a tank top and rear manhole, giving you loading choice for each of your operations according to your different safety and efficiency requirements.

5.   You can load and offload quickly and easily

Featuring a 4” inlet with riser pipe and 6” air operated outlet valve, our new Whale tankers provide quick and easy loading and offloading.

6.   You can use them to pipe away H2S gases

Both our 26t DAF CF370 FAN and 32t DAF CF450 FAX come with a 345cfm Mistral pump with a vent line for piping away H2S gases safely.

7.   They are great for cleaning up the work area

Featuring a 16 lpm@60 bar washdown pump with 50-gallon water capacity our new Whale tankers offer great performance for cleaning up the working area.

8.   They give you all-round visibility for easier manoeuvring

Every vehicle has blind spots which inhibit the driver’s ability to operate them safely. Mirrors and single cameras can help with manoeuvring, but even with this assistance, your operators might not see everything in their path, especially with the time it might take to check 3-4 different mirrors and cameras. That’s where the Brigade 360-degree camera system really helps. It provides you with all-around visibility at once. Having such a comprehensive view of the surrounding area in one single image can lower the risk of potential collisions with people and objects. So not only could it make your operations safer for the operator and people nearby, but it can also reduce the risk of any potential damages. Both of our new Whale tankers come with the Brigade 360-degree camera system.

Want to see these advanced features in a snapshot?

Our new Whale vacuum tankers offer you:

  • Semi-automatic gearbox and rear steer axle
  • 14,500 and 20,000 litre capacity (or 3200 and 4400 gallon)
  • 304 stainless steel
  • Tank top and rear manhole
  • 4” inlet with riser pipe and 6” air operated outlet valve
  • 345cfm Mistral pump with a vent line for piping away H2S gases
  • 16 lpm@60 bar washdown pump with 50-gallon water capacity
  • Brigade 360-degree camera system

What else should you know about Whale and its tankers?

With over five decades’ experience in engineering innovation, Whale supplies bespoke tankers across the UK and worldwide. At the forefront of Whale’s manufacturing are the same values we hold here at TCL – reliability, durability and fitness for purpose.

The design of Whale tankers is optimised with the benefit of half a century’s experience, to give the lightest weight and the longest life. Whale also ensures compliance with all national and international standards as required.
The control systems of Whale tankers are designed for maximum reliability and minimum operator effort with the most ergonomic positioning.

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