Tanker repairs: How TCL keeps you on the road

26 Aug 2020

Driving from A to B, fulfilling logistics, and maintaining operations across many industries. Indeed, tankers are part of our everyday lives – whether you’re in the tanker industry or not – as they make up a large percentage of vehicle users across the UK road network. In fact, if you’re a road user, it’s unlikely you’ll go a day without seeing at least one tanker. Because every hour, of every day, tankers travel up and down the country to transport fuel, deliver food materials, and complete various other operations.

Tankers represent a huge part of the UK’s logistics and operations – and therefore stand in a place of high importance in our country’s infrastructure. With this comes great responsibility in keeping tankers safe, efficient, economical – and profitable for the businesses that use them.

At TCL, we are proud to hold this responsibility – with a state-of-the-art tanker repairs workshop and mobile service. From severe accident damage to routine wear-and-tear maintenance, we ensure our customers’ tankers are the safest, most reliable and most cost-effective in the market. Of course, not only is this vital for our customers’ profitability, but it is also part of our commitment to safety across the UK road network.

In this article, we will explain how our repair function supports the UK tanker industry as a whole.

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Our experience and knowledge in all types of repairs will quickly solve the problem, whether a minor leak or major accident damage.

Supporting tankers with repairs across the UK

Renting a TCL tanker isn’t just signing a rental agreement. Instead, we make sure we support our customers throughout their rental period – with repairs, modification, inspection & testing and replacement parts & accessories.

We also provide comprehensive tanker repair, maintenance and modification services to the wider third party tanker network.

Most of this is operated out of our workshop in West Yorkshire – near Leeds. Customers can bring their tankers in, or we can arrange for collection.

5 services that operate out of our tanker workshop

1.   Accident damage

Accidents happen – and when they do, you’ll need rapid response and a cost-effective solution. Our workshop prides itself on remedying accident damage, so you’re safely back on the road with minimum disruption to your operations – that’s whether you’re a rental customer or 3rd party customer.

From major repair work to minor fixes, our team diagnoses the repairs needed – and takes swift action. We’re experts in stainless steel tanker repairs and can confidently repair interior technical issues – fitting genuine replacement parts.

Also, we pay specific attention to detail when it comes to the aesthetics of your tanker – carrying out jobs such as fitting new cladding and repairing lighting. After all, we understand that tankers are often a vital part of your brand and reputation, so they must be returned to you looking their best.

Furthermore, we’re insurance-company approved, which means minimum hassle and complications for our customers.

2.   Routine maintenance

To ensure maximum safety and efficiency of your tanker, we always recommend we carry out regular maintenance work on your behalf.

Servicing your vehicle to a regular schedule can save you time and money down the line. What’s more, you can choose life-extension and mid-life refurbishments to maintain older tankers in your fleet.

3.   Testing

With routine maintenance often comes required testing. From annual requirements (MOTs) to more advanced testing for specific certifications like ADR compliance, our team of mechanics are fully qualified to carry out these tests for you – and then recommend any remedial repair action.

Here’s what our testing service covers:

●     Vessel inspection

●     Pneumatic and hydraulic

●     Pressure and vacuum

●     Overhaul and inspection of pumps and compressors

●     Overhaul and inspection of pumps and compressors

●     Equipment and systems

●     Insulation and cladding

●     Volume calibration

●     Regulation compliance

●     Full certification and traceability

For detailed advice on the tests we carry out, contact our team.

4.   Modification

If you want to enhance an existing vessel, you will need to modify it. Fortunately, our tanker workshop can fulfil this with you – and is fully supported by our in-house engineering expertise.

Ultimately, any modifications we do for you are to ensure your operations are more profitable. We understand this – and apply our engineering knowledge to offer the very best solutions. This could be anything from refitting hydraulic ancillary equipment to adding pumping and tipping gear.

5.   Mobile repair van

Last but certainly not least, our mobile repair service is how we remain flexible to your needs.

For work that can be carried out on the roadside, we come to you. There’s no need to get your tanker to our workshop as our mobile repair vans are fully fitted with tools and equipment to get you moving again.

Rain or shine, our team of highly-qualified mechanics carry out repairs in all conditions – which can frankly be tough at times in the UK’s unpredictable weather.

TCL Mobile Repair Van


Overall, why choose TCL Tanker workshop for your repairs & maintenance needs?

●     Enjoy minimum fuss as we’re insurance company-approved

●     Benefit from our vehicle recovery service

●     Take advantage of a replacement tanker, so you have no downtime

●     Trust in genuine replacement parts sourced and enjoy competitive prices we pass on to you with our Turner Group purchasing power

●     Have peace of mind with our longstanding history with blue-chip companies who return to us for repeat business

●     Rely on our specialist expertise in stainless steel tankers for optimum repairs and maintenance work

Finally, save money & time when repairing and maintaining your tanker with TCL

Time is of the essence in the logistics, distribution and other tanker-reliant industries. We understand this and the impact it can have on your revenue.

However, we also know that safety and functionality are just as important.

That’s why we combine both these requirements to deliver a repair service for our customers that gets your tanker back on the road with minimal disruption to your business – that’s whether it’s major accident damage or routine maintenance work.

Stainless steel tanker in A1 condition

Contact us to discuss your stainless steel tankers repairs & maintenance needs

As one of the UK’s largest stainless steel tanker rental companies, we specialise in solving the logistical needs of various market sectors. This means providing you with repair service you can rely on.

Furthermore, we’re proud to support the wider third party tanker network – completing ongoing repair and maintenance work for many well-known large blue-chip companies.

For more information on our repair workshop and service or any other aspect of TCL Tanker Rental, get in touch on 0113 286 3322 or email us at sales@tcl-tankers.com.