Tanker Rental FAQs: TCL answers your questions

17 Feb 2021

Thinking of hiring a tanker for your transport operations, but not sure where to start? Have a question about the rental process, collection or even making modifications to your existing tanker?

From rental periods and purchasing, to new parts and repairs, we’ve put together our tanker rental faqs to help you find the tanker information you need, quickly and easily.

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Tanker Rental FAQs

What is tanker rental exactly?

Tanker rental offers you a flexible way of adding a state-of-the-art tanker to your transport operations. It’s where you can hire a specific tanker to suit your needs for a defined period of time based on your business requirements.

What’s great is that it enables you to react quickly to new business wins and seasonal fluctuations, without having to take on the big commitment (and responsibility) of purchasing a tanker – especially if you’ll only need it for fixed periods of work. Plus, it’s an ideal way to add a high-performing, advanced tanker to your fleet, while avoiding the higher costs of purchasing one.

What rental periods are available?

Our rental contracts are flexible. We offer long-term rental periods of between 1-5 years, as well as short-term rental periods, for up to 6 months.
One of the benefits of a long-term contract is that it allows you to focus on your core operations with little disruption – we provide full in-house back up for tanker management, service, testing, breakdown and repair.

On the other hand, a short-term contract can be useful in that it gives you the chance to “try before you buy” (or before you go for a long-term rental), and also the option to use your rental tanker for short-term storage as well as haulage.

Where can we pick up our rented tanker?

You can collect your rented tanker from our TCL site in Garforth, Leeds (LS25 2JY).

By collecting it from our premises, you’ll benefit from a thorough on-site inspection, plus the opportunity to go over how the tanker works.

Our technical experts will be on-hand to talk you through the various features of your tanker and answer any questions you might have.

What are the conditions for returning a tanker after the hire period?

At the end of a hire period, we require tankers to be cleaned before being returned to us – you will need to provide a Cleaning Certificate on return.

tanker rental faqs

What types of tankers do you have in your fleet?

Our state-of-the-art fleet caters for the needs of a variety of market sectors, including Waste, Chemical, Petroleum, Food, Milk and Water, in both the UK and overseas.

We have a wide range of over 300 tankers in our fleet, including:

ADR Tipping Tankers
Rigid Tankers
Vacuum Tankers
Water Tankers
Waste Tankers
Fuel Tankers
Food Tankers
Chemical Tankers
Milk Tankers

How far in advance do we have to reserve a tanker?

Things can vary depending on the type of tanker you’re looking to hire but we usually advise that you reserve two weeks in advance.

What happens if we need a tanker repaired?

We have a Repairs and Maintenance Workshop on-site that can help, whether it’s for a minor leak or something bigger like accident damage. We can also offer breakdown response as well as vehicle recovery and replacement.

Do you do tank testing?

Yes. We have in-house inspection and testing facilities and regularly perform tank testing, for example we test pressure tanks every three years.

We also do insurance inspections and provide full certification and traceability.

What happens if we’re in an accident with a rental tanker?

If you’re in an accident with a rental tanker, our Repairs and Maintenance Workshop can provide rapid breakdown response, vehicle recovery, repairs and often a replacement tanker.

We need to modify an existing tanker, can you help?

Yes. To enhance the performance of an existing vessel we offer a range of modification services through our in-house engineering experts – from life extension and mid-life refurbishments, to hydraulic ancillary refits and pumping and tipping gear.

Can you advise me on what tanker we need for an application?

Yes, our expert team can work with you to determine the most suitable tanker for your requirements.   Call us on 0113 286 3322 or email us at: info@tcl-tankers.com for an initial discussion with one of our friendly team.

Where can I keep up-to-date with the latest in tanker information?

Visit our TCL blog for the latest in tanker developments – and follow us on LinkedIn for regular updates.

How many new tankers do you add to the TCL fleet each year to maximise the choice available?

We have over 300 state-of-the-art tankers in our rental fleet and we continue to expand, adding 20-40 new tankers each year.

Do you stock parts?

Yes, we offer a wide range of readily available parts, from indicators and controls to signage and cabinet, and a range of Magyar parts

Learn about our Designed for Safety products – the latest addition to our accessories.

Tanker rental

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We hope our tanker rental FAQs have helped to answer any questions you might have, but feel free to get in touch for more details. As one of the UK’s largest stainless steel tanker rental companies, we specialise in solving the logistical needs of various market sectors.

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