Short-term tanker rentals: TCL’s part in keeping the country moving during the coronavirus crisis

19 May 2020

The past few weeks have been testing for the UK – and the whole world. On March 23rd the government put us into a nationwide full-scale lockdown as the coronavirus pandemic worsened. And the inevitable knock-on effect? A drastic impact for many businesses across multiple industries. However, for us in the tanker industry, we’ve been part of the ‘essential work’ – something we’re very proud of at TCL Tanker Rental.

As demand continues to surge, we’ve quickly rented out our tankers to deliver the important commodities that are most in need right now. From food to fuel, we’ve distributed tankers across the UK – and that’s meant we could play our part in keeping the country moving.

Overall, our short-term tanker rental contracts have made sure that businesses across the UK can adapt to fluctuating levels of demand. And the end result? The end-user – the consumer – can access what they need, when they need it.

Let’s take a look at this in more detail…

TCL Tanker Rental - Milk Tanker

Milk tankers: meeting fluctuating levels of demand

This time of year is always busy for our milk tanker rentals. However, demand has shifted across the UK during the coronavirus pandemic. Initially, dairy farmers were hit by falling demand across the hospitality industry. However, with dairy competition rules being temporarily relaxed by the government, it means that the dairy industry is now able to join together to manage milk supply.

Furthermore, with a shift in demand, comes a change in where the demand for milk is coming from. Where milk was originally used for coffee chains like Costa Coffee, they are now needed for supermarkets’ increased demand.

Our capability to react quickly has ensured we have rented our tankers on a short-term basis – ensuring maximum flexibility across the supply network.

Spotlight: TCL’s milk tankers

What makes our milk tankers fit for the job?

Specially designed and built for the milk industry, our tankers are some of the lightest available in the market. They also have a low tare weight – so our milk tankers ensure high efficiency – and help drive costs down for businesses.

Key specifications include:

●     30,000 litres capacity

●     Operational up to 44 tonnes G.V.W

●     304 stainless steel shell & fluid path

●     Atmospheric working

●     Discharge options to 2 ½”, 3” and 6” RJT

TCL Tanker Rental - Food tanker

Food tankers: keeping the supply chain flowing

Not too dissimilar to the dairy industry is the food industry. While the hospitality industry has shut down, the supermarket industry has boomed. But not necessarily enough to meet the falling demand across other sectors.

Fortunately, where demand does increase, our tankers ensure that the logistics still remain possible – and successful. Again, our short-term tanker rental contracts have ensured the industry can adapt where possible. And being able to adapt is key to successful operations during this crisis.

Spotlight: TCL’s food tankers

What makes our food tankers fit for the job?

A key benefit of our food tankers is their hugely flexible design, especially in the current climate. Fitted with full-width catwalks and fully encapsulated handrails, each tanker has removable CIP spray bars and a hygienic filtered pressure system. Fully operational at ground level, we also provide pumps too.

Furthermore, our SCOPA-approved (Seed Crushers and Oil Processors Association) tankers are insulated, coiled and clad in stainless steel. Not only does this safeguard the quality of food products but it ensures a low tare weight – so our tankers can ensure your logistics are highly efficient and cost-effective.

Key specifications include:

●     35,000 litres capacity

●     Operational up to 44 tonnes G.V.W

●     316 stainless steel shell & fluid path

●     2 bar working pressure

Tanker repairs: business as usual

Throughout this period, our repairs workshop is still fully operational. As essential work, these services ensure that the country can keep running. And of course, our workshop team continues to observe social distancing at all times.

So whether it’s a minor leak or major accident damage, our experience in repairs means our clients’ problems are solved efficiently and effectively – even during this nationwide crisis.

Also, if a tanker has to go into the workshop, we’ll offer our clients a replacement tanker – ensuring no downtime for their business.

Short term tanker rental available

Overall, what are the benefits of renting a tanker short-term from TCL during the coronavirus crisis?

In summary:

●     Respond quickly to fluctuating demand

●     Plan ahead costs to your business with fixed contract prices

●     Request bespoke specifications to fit your unique needs

●     Have peace of mind in a fully-operational repair service

●     Gain access to a pipeline of the latest technology so you can be assured commodities are transported in a safe, effective and efficient way

●     Have a chance to “try before you buy” or you take out a long-term tanker rental contract

Contact us to discuss your short-term tanker rental needs

As one of the UK’s largest stainless steel tanker rental companies, we specialise in solving the logistical needs of various market sectors. Right now, we are providing vital services that ensure our country’s supply chain keeps moving – and we are confident in our abilities to continue this throughout the lockdown period and ongoing restrictions.

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