4 scenarios solved by short-term tanker rental

16 Nov 2020

With tankers being a necessary part of many companies’ logistics and operations, there are many obvious reasons why a tanker would be hired. From getting commodities from A to B to meeting a surge in demand, rental tankers ensure businesses keep their operations flowing smoothly, minimising any business disruption.

Short term tanker rental

When hiring a tanker, after deciding the type of tanker you need, the main decision is whether you hire one on a long-term contract or a short-term contract. This boils down to the unique requirements of each company – and we’ll always advise what’s the best option based on your needs.

Increased demand for the short-term hire of tankers

Interestingly enough, at TCL, we have seen the market move more towards the short-term tanker rental contracts over the past few months. The easy conclusion to jump to is the coronavirus and its impact on many businesses’ long-term planning. However, there are many scenarios where the need for short-term tanker rentals can be further explored…

In this article, we’ll take a look at 4 key scenarios where short-term tanker rentals are needed.

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1.   When you have a sudden and urgent need

Although many businesses like to be proactive and plan ahead, we all know that sometimes that can’t be the case. So, in situations where you do need to meet a sudden demand fast, a short-term tanker rental contract is likely to be your best option.

Whether it’s for three weeks or three months, we can set-up a short-term contract that’s flexible to your needs. In most cases, we can often turn things around fast too – as we have an extensive stock of tankers available and ready to go out within a minimum timeframe.

This means our customers can maintain their logistics or take advantage of new business opportunities, even when time is tight.

2.   When you need to meet seasonal demands

In most cases, you can plan for seasonal demands in advance. However, seasonal demands are precisely that – seasonal – which means you won’t need the tanker for an extended period of time.

Instead, a short-term tanker rental of specific tanker models is ideal to meet the demands of any seasonal fluctuations. The most prominent example is within the dairy industry. Often as we approach Christmas, demand soars, so our milk tankers hired on a short-term basis are a very viable option for many businesses. Overall, our short-term rental contracts ensure maximum flexibility across the supply network.

An overview of TCL milk tankers

Specially designed and built for the milk industry, our tankers are some of the lightest available in the market. They also have a low tare weight – so our milk tankers ensure high efficiency – and help drive costs down for businesses.

Key specifications include:

  • 30,000 litres capacity
  • Operational up to 44 tonnes G.V.W
  • 304 stainless steel shell & fluid path
  • Atmospheric working
  • Discharge options to 2 ½”, 3” and 6” RJT

Rising demand for fertiliser

After the festive period, we often see demand switch to tankers that can carry fertiliser. Take a look at our chemical tankers here.

3.   When you’re having a tanker repaired

Or even having multiple tankers repaired. We know that downtime isn’t good for business and you need to carry on ‘business as usual’ to meet your own customers’ demands.

So, if you bring your tanker to be repaired with us and you’ll be without it for a period of time – however short – we can help you cover that gap with a short-term tanker rental contract.

4.When you want to ‘try before you buy’

Last but certainly not least, short-term tankers simply allow you to test out a tanker’s capabilities before going ahead with a purchase or longer-term contract.

This is extremely useful for businesses going in a new direction or deliberating the investment of new equipment. By renting a tanker on a short-term basis, you can make a more confident decision with minimum expense and risk to your overall company’s bottom line.

Short term tanker rentals

Overall, why should companies opt for short-term contracts when renting a tanker?

In summary:

  • When they need to respond quickly to fluctuating demand or new business opportunities
  • When they need to plan ahead to meet seasonal demands that only last a limited amount of time
  • Whey they need their tanker(s) repaired but need to continue business as usual
  • When they want to test out a tanker and its capabilities, before confirming a long-term contract or purchase


More benefits to think about when renting a tanker from TCL:

    • Have peace of mind in TCL’s fully-operational repair service, should something go wrong
    • Gain access to a pipeline of the latest technology, so you’re assured commodities are transported in a safe, effective and efficient way
    • Have confidence in known costs over your rental period – that we can give you

Short term rental questions

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