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31 Mar 2021

Preparing for upcoming shifts in demand as the UK eases lockdown restrictions

Does your business have an idea of how demand is likely to shift as the UK prepares to ease lockdown measures?

Are things likely to return to exactly as before, or have the consumer habits and needs in your industry altered?

If there are too many unknowns to confirm your long-term logistics plans right now, then a short-term rental contract could be an ideal solution while you’re assessing your long-term strategy.

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Short term tanker rental logisitics

Changing demands

Over the last 12 months, we’ve all been reacting quickly to meet changing needs across the supply networks that were affected by the pandemic, lockdown and restrictions.

Demands for certain commodities unexpectedly surged and business needs became difficult to predict. As the demand suddenly increased, we quickly rented out our tankers to deliver the important commodities that were most in need. From food to fuel, we distributed tankers across the UK – and we were proud we could play our part in keeping the country moving.

What’s next?

We know that the beginning of the pandemic caused these rapid and unexpected surges, which have fluctuated more than usual throughout the year. But what does this mean for demand now, as we approach the other side…?

Short-term rental contracts to meet fluctuating demand

Each year brings typical seasonal fluctuations, but is your industry also starting to experience other shifts in demand as we begin to adjust to life after lockdown?

Here are a few of the areas in which we’re currently preparing for increased demands for short-term tanker rental.

Milk short-term tanker rental

Milk industry

We’re anticipating upcoming higher demand for milk tankers, for two different reasons.
Firstly, Spring is historically a busy time for the milk industry and so each year we see increased demand from distributors for at least one extra tanker to bolster their fleet throughout the high season.

Additionally, UK milk production is forecast to increase this year with growth predictions against last year – so short-term tankers will be essential to support milk transportation through what’s set to be a very busy Spring 2021.

Waste short-term tanker rental

Waste Tankers

Whether the pandemic and lockdown restrictions have been a contributing factor or whether it’s a combination of other factors at play too, we’ve seen a continuous increase in demand throughout the year for non-hazardous waste tankers on a short-term rental basis.

With no sign of demand slowing, it’s an area we’re continuing to invest in so that we can respond quickly and reliably to both our existing customers and our new customers who will be experiencing a greater need to expand their fleet, often at short notice.

Chemical tanker short-term tanker rental

Chemical tankers

As we’re entering fertiliser season, we’re also anticipating a higher demand for short-term chemical tankers to cope with increased distribution needs.

Benefits of short-term rental contracts as lockdown restrictions ease

While it’s difficult for any of us to predict how each industry will be affected as the nation begins to open up again, one thing we’ve all excelled in during the last 12 months is adapting and reacting quickly to unexpected change.

Shifting from fixed, long-term strategies to short-term, responsive planning has been a key theme over the last 12 months. Many businesses are reluctant to think too far ahead until they have more intel on the longer-term trends that will emerge in their industry post-lockdown.

Lockdown easing and short-term tanker rental

How will short-term rental contracts support this

  • Short-term tanker rental is flexible to your needs. Whether it’s for three weeks or three months, we can set-up a short-term contract quickly so that you can respond fast to sudden or unexpected changes in your industry over the coming months.
  • Short-term contracts offer you fast access to a pipeline of new-build equipment to best suit your immediate needs
  • As well as providing you with a quick short-term haulage solution, you can also use your rental tanker for short-term storage too – something that’s extremely valuable during periods of unpredictable demand
  • To help with future-planning, short-term rental contracts also allow you to test out a tanker’s capabilities before going ahead with a purchase or longer-term contract. By renting a tanker on a short-term basis, you can have more confidence in your decision when you’re ready to make long-term plans, because you’ve already tried and tested it.


Preparing to meet demand

In readiness for the typical seasonal fluctuations we see each year, PLUS the easing of lockdown measures potentially boosting many industries, we’re gearing up for a busy period of supporting quick-turnaround logistics demands.

TCL Tanker Rental Short-term tanker rental

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As one of the UK’s largest stainless steel tanker rental companies, we specialise in solving the logistical needs of various market sectors. Short-term tanker rental contracts offer you maximum flexibility and security – ensuring your operations continue successfully, even when demand is unpredictable.

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