Investing in a new tanker: all you need to know about our Magyar tankers for rental

19 Jan 2021

Matching the right tanker to your requirements is essential when it comes to finding your tanker rental contract, whether that’s just for a short-term operation or for long-term use. What’s more, if it’s a chemical tanker that you’re looking to hire, you’ll need absolute assurance that it will withstand tough chemical conditions, while also maximising safety. So, we understand that you’ll want to choose from the best possible range of tankers. Furthermore, if you’re looking for a milk tanker, you’ll want a tanker that is lightweight, efficient and has proven expertise in delivering on the job.

Investing in a Magyar tanker

Our standout Magyar tankers offer you next-level performance

All of our chemical tankers are manufactured to carry a variety of chemicals including, flammable and toxic gases, non-flammable and non-toxic gases, flammable liquids and solids, spontaneously combustible substances, toxic, infectious, corrosive, explosive and other dangerous substances.

Likewise, our milk tankers are some of the lightest available on the market – and are known for their quality reputation in the dairy industry.

But how do our new premiumMagyar tankers give you better performance when it comes to transporting chemicals like these?

In this article, we’ll explain the added features our new Magyar tankers offer and how they can really maximise the operations of your rental fleet.

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Magyar tanker features

First, let’s cover the expected features

Before we take you through the premium features of our new Magyar chemical and milk tankers, let’s quickly touch on some of the standard features that you’d no doubt expect your rental chemical or milk tanker to come with:

  • Capable of transporting high volumes of liquids, our new Magyar tankers have a large capacity chemical tank of 37,500 litres
  • Built using 316 Stainless Steel, they offer excellent corrosion resistance and increased strength and hardness
  • Our Magyar chemical tankers are fully approved and certified to ADR1 regulations (Magyar export to over 40 different countries, each with their own regulations to meet, making them experts in manufacturing tankers to meet strict certification standards)

Why is ADR important? ADR is a European certification agreement concerning the movement of dangerous goods by road. If you want to transport hazardous goods internationally, your goods, vehicles and driver must comply with ADR rules. Therefore, your tanker is an important part of gaining ADR approval.

And now for those additional features

When it came to adding a new tanker to our chemical and milk tanker fleet, we chose leading brand Magyar because of their excellent reputation in the industry for producing high-quality tankers. As a leading European supplier of road tankers for liquid transportation, the company produces around 1400 tanks a year for the chemical, petroleum and edible sectors and it prioritises innovation and investment in its manufacturing.

So, let’s take a look at those 3 standout features that make our new Magyar tankers a cut above the rest:

1.   They come fitted with a shipping trestle plate

If you transport goods overseas, you’ll know all about maritime regulations and the importance of securing vehicles and cargo on ferries. Our Magyar tankers all come with a shipping trestle plate so that you can position and secure your transported goods in accordance with the regulations of a variety of freight ferry operators.

2.   They offer you support and hydraulic lines for future pump fitment

When it comes to fitting pumps, our Magyar premium tankers have built-in support and hydraulic lines to suit a range of different pumps. This makes it considerably easier to fit a pump – and swap and change them over.

3.   They also come with X-Lite alloy wheels and Bridgestone tyres

Fitted with X-Lite alloy wheels and industry-leading Bridgestone tyres, our new Magyar tankers deliver premium performance and cost-savings, maximising the reliability and efficiency of your fleet and operations.

Premium features

Let’s recap – renting a Magyar chemical or milk tanker, could bring the following enhancements to your fleet:

  • A large, 37,500 litre capacity chemical tank
  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • ADR1 certification
  • A fitted shipping trestle plate
  • Built-in support and hydraulic lines for future pump fitment
  • JOST running gear
  • X-LITE alloy wheels and Bridgestone tyres

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As one of the UK’s largest stainless steel tanker rental companies, we specialise in solving the logistical needs of various market sectors. Our new Magyar chemical tankers offer you advanced capabilities, meaning you can hire the best possible tanker for your chemical operations.

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