Designed for safety: How TCL’s partnership supports safety on the UK’s roads

19 Jun 2020

As a key player in the UK’s logistics network, TCL tankers are constantly travelling up and down the country to transport fuel, deliver food materials and complete various other operations for our rental clients across multiple industries. In fact, our tankers comprise a significant proportion of traffic on our roads which means their safety is paramount. That’s why safeguarding tanker operators, drivers, other road users and the general public is central to our tanker rental operations.

At TCL, we put a lot of effort, time and investment into ensuring the strictest quality standards, health and safety and general accreditations are adhered to.

Furthermore, we’ve recently added to our safety standards by partnering with Designed For Safety – becoming the official distributor of their products.

In this article, we will explain what this exactly means for our rental customers – and why we’ve chosen to partner with this company.

What is Designed for Safety?

Designed for Safety is a company specialising in the supply of safety solution products across various industries. From indicators and controls to signage and cabinets, they ensure that all health and safety requirements can be met across various industries – in a convenient and accessible way.

How do they support the tanker industry?

Designed for Safety supply important products specifically designed for the tanker industry. Furthermore, they enhance the safety of our rental fleet as it allows customers to customise important details about their rental tanker’s status.

As TCL becomes the main distributor of these products in the UK, we can now ensure our rental customers have full access to these safety products.

Why are these products important to road safety?

Unfortunately, accidents happen - especially on the roads. However, these products allow for quick diagnosis of potential hazards arising from an accident.

Unfortunately, accidents happen – especially on the roads. However, these products allow for quick diagnosis of potential hazards arising from an accident – and facilitate swift action to dangerous situations. Designed to quickly communicate key details to the emergency services, these signs are the first point of call for minimising the impacts of an accident.

Quick identification, quick resolution

For instance, when the police arrive on the site of an accident they need to do an efficient assessment to minimise risk and impact. If a tanker is punctured, and material is leaking from the tanker it is not sufficient to rely on the driver’s knowledge to understand what exactly the leaking material is. After all, the driver may be injured and unable to divulge this information.

Indeed, there will be necessary paperwork within the tanker – but this requires the police to search this paperwork out, which can be extremely dangerous and never recommended.

Instead, Designed for Safety products allow the police to clearly interpret what the material leaking is along with other important details like how much liquid is within the tanker. This then allows the police to make the necessary decisions to minimise the impact of the accident – particularly important in cases of fuel leakage.

Therefore, these signages are vital in hire vehicles – as tanker usage tends to change regularly between different hiring customers and different jobs. These products allow you to clearly display changing health and safety details in an easy and convenient way.

Designed for Safety: product highlights

When renting a tanker from TCL, we highly recommend investing in these products to ensure maximum safety of your rental tanker on the road.

When renting a tanker from TCL, we highly recommend investing in these products to ensure maximum safety of your rental tanker on the road.

Let’s have a look at some of the most useful products:

Hazchem Display Systems

Rental tankers mean that the load carried changes regularly – and often you cannot apply a label directly to the tank.

Designed for Safety’s Hazchem Display System ensures you can change important Hazchem labels or panels to display the correct and necessary information each time.

The holders are your first important component – and we supply a range of options to suit your tanker best. Learn more here

Hazard Warning Diamonds

Perhaps the most important signage in tanker health and safety, hazard warning diamonds allow the emergency services to instantly understand the dangers of the product your tanker is carrying.

From oxidising agents to corrosivity, use the panels as you need them in your display system on your rental tanker. Learn more here

Adr Kemler Display Systems

Another important safety reference is the Hazardous Indication (HI) number and UN substance identification number.

These systems consist of three of each number 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 & 9- plus two full blanks and two half blanks together with the letter X. This quantity is sufficient to display your reference numbers. Learn more here

Grade product indicators

Designed to sit near to the discharge calves on road tankers, these indicators inform the tanker operator what product is carried in the tank. This helps prevent cross-overs and contaminations when using your rental tanker.

With all Designed for Safety products, great functionality for the user is key – as it needs to be easy for operators to use. Therefore, the grade product indicators have a clip-on body with a security grub screw that can easily be removed in seconds for changing the label or cleaning.

In order to change the product grade displayed, you simply need to pull out the handle, twist and then release into the next position. Learn more here

More Designed for Safety products for rental tankers

View the full range of products here.

Overall, what are the benefits of Designed for Safety products from TCL?

Ensure your operator knows exactly what’s the tanker contains

In summary:

●     Ensure your operator knows exactly what’s the tanker contains

●     Reduce and eliminate product contamination risk

●     Clearly identify any potential hazards to the operator

●     Ensure emergency services can clearly identify your tankers’ contents in the case of an accident

●     Improve overall health and safety of your operations

●     Easily switch and change tanker description depending on your changing loads, contents and other specifications

Finally, save money & time when you order through us

As a leading distributor or Designed for Safety we can quickly get you genuine products and the best parts & accessories – at the best price.

Contact us to discuss your tanker rental & accessories

As one of the UK’s largest stainless steel tanker rental companies, we specialise in solving the logistical needs of various market sectors. This means providing you with the best accessories and additional services too – to keep you safely on the road.

Therefore, we’re proud to become the main UK distributor for Designed for Safety – and we look forward to offering these important products to our tanker rental customers.

For more information on our Designed for Safety products or any other aspect of TCL Tanker Rental, call: 0113 286 3322 or email