Looking to buy an ADR chemical tanker? Here’s everything you need to know from TCL…

01 Oct 2020

Every tanker has a specific purpose. Whether it’s to carry milk or large volumes of liquid waste, there is a tanker on the market that has been adapted to a specific application. At TCL, we hold a range of tankers to cover a variety of needs – such as ADR chemical tankers.

Over the past few months, we’ve made some exciting developments at TCL. And part of this has meant that we now have a selection of ADR Chemical tankers for sale, as well as for rent.

Therefore, in this article, we will explain what ADR chemical tankers do, how they do it. their range of applications they cover – and how they can benefit a potential buyer.

Firstly, what exactly are ADR chemical tankers?

ADR/ chemical tankers are used to transport dangerous goods across long distances. Vital to many industries, they are manufactured to withstand tough chemical conditions and maximise safety.

In fact, in the TCL supply chain, all our ADR/ chemical tankers undergo rigorous testing and quality inspections, so we can confidently assure our customers of their safety.

What does ADR stand for?

ADR was formerly known as The European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road.

In force since 1986, ADR has been adopted by most European countries. As an international regulation, each country strictly governs and polices the movement of dangerous goods by road.

Complying with ADR means you can move freely if the goods, vehicles and driver comply with the rules. Therefore, your tanker is an important part of this certification if you want to transport hazardous goods internationally.

ADR Chemical tanker without cab

ADR/ chemical tanker applications

Here’s what our tankers carry:

●     Flammable gases

●     Toxic gases

●     Non-flammable gas and non-toxic gas

●     Flammable liquids

●     Flammable solids

●     Spontaneously combustible substance

●     Toxic and infectious substances

●     Corrosive substances

●     Explosives

●     Miscellaneous dangerous substances

Key features & benefits include:

Reassurance of safety

Tankers in our supply chain are manufactured to have maximum suitability for chemical industries.

Maximum functionality for the operators

●     Fitted with full-width catwalk

●     Fully encapsulated handrails and built to the highest specification available

●     Catwalk with twin ground level operated handrails

●     Full ground-level operation

●     Pump provision if necessary

High-quality exterior finish

The shell has a 316 stainless steel shell finish – and fluid path.

Additional features

●     Insulated, coiled and clad in stainless steel

●     2 bar working pressure with airline, venting & vapour recovery systems

We have a range of ADR chemical tankers available to rent – and buy. We can also adapt each vessel to your job specifications in our workshop.

Buying an ADR chemical tanker


Ready to buy a chemical tanker?

Here are the specifications of our current fleet that’s for sale:

Magyar ADR / IMO General Purpose Tanker Trailers

●     37,500 litres gross capacity

●     44 tonnes GVW

●     316 stainless steel

●     four baffles, five lids

●     Insulated and coiled

●     Airline and vapour recovery

●     Fortvale valves, lids and ancillaries

●     Full ground level operation

●     Full catwalk and twin handrails

●     Jost axles and air suspension, lift axle and raise / lower

●     Pump preparation

●     Low tare weight circa 7,500kg

4 steps to buying a tanker with TCL

Buying a tanker from TCL is a simple process. We make sure all customers can complete the process within a minimum timeframe.

1.   Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements. Let us know:

a.   the specific application use (whether you’ll be using for flood recovery, slurry removal, hazardous liquid transportation etc.)

b.   any specifications you require (tipping-back mechanism, certain pumps etc.)

2.   We’ll then let you know what tankers we have for sale and discuss if they are suitable for you

3.   If there is a tanker suitable for your needs, we will begin the purchasing process

4.   Once complete, you can either have the tanker delivered or pick up the tanker from our site near Leeds, West Yorkshire

Support from TCL Tankers whatever the weather

Support after your tanker purchase

Buying a tanker is a long-term commitment – where support is necessary throughout the tanker’s lifetime. TCL makes sure we support our purchasing customers with repairs, modification, inspection & testing and replacement parts & accessories – for complete peace of mind.


Whether it’s a minor leak or major accident damage, repairs need an urgent response – so you can get back on the road and continue your job.

Our full repair service is insurance company-approved and offers vital services like vehicle recovery – with rapid response.

Inspection & Testing

During your tanker’s lifetime on the road, you need to make sure your vehicle remains safe and compliant – to minimise any issues in the future.

Let us take this responsibility off your hands by handling the following:

●     Vessel inspection

●     Pneumatic and hydraulic

●     Pressure and vacuum

●     Overhaul and inspection of pumps and compressors

●     Equipment and systems

●     Insulation and cladding

●     Volume calibration

●     Regulation compliance

●     Full certification and traceability


Improving your vessels’ performances can improve the efficiency and efficacy of the jobs you do.

Speak to us about our bespoke enhancements – from size conversions to vacuum pump replacements.

Stay on the Road

Tanker in the workshop? We’ll offer you a replacement tanker – ensuring no downtime for your business.

Replacement Parts & Accessories

Save money & time when you order through us. Our close ties with leading manufacturers and strong purchasing power can quickly get you the best parts & accessories – at the best price.

Designed For Safety signage

Enhancing the safety of our rental fleet, we are UK distributor for Designed For Safety signage – which includes ADR Kemler displays, Grade Product Indicators and Hazard Warning Diamonds.

Learn more here.

Overall, what are the benefits of buying an ADR/ chemical tanker from TCL?

In summary:

●     React as quickly as possible to incoming jobs involving hazardous goods

●     Plan ahead costs to your business with a one-off investment

●     Request bespoke specifications to your tanker to fit your needs before it leaves our workshop

●     Be assured you will meet ADR regulations

●     Have peace of mind in high-quality materials and set-up for ease of operations

●     Have reassurance through a full-service history

Contact us to discuss buying tankers for TCL

As one of the UK’s largest stainless steel tanker rental companies, we also sell on our stock at a point where they can still deliver outstanding value across multiple sectors. We are dedicated to maintaining our tankers throughout their rental period so when it comes to selling, any customers purchasing can be confident in their reliability, efficiency and profitability.

For more information on our tankers for sale or any other aspect of TCL Tankers, sales@tcl-tankers.com.