Vacuum tankers: TCL explains

25 Jul 2019

Making up a considerable proportion of our tanker rental fleet at TCL, vacuum tankers are a popular choice for our clients. They solve a range of needs – from flood response to industrial cleaning. With high efficiency and efficacy at the centre of their build, our tankers promise to be highly-functional – so operators can comprehensively complete jobs in a safe and quality-assured way. Naturally, this makes our vacuum tankers a vital part of our clients’ operations and services.

However, there’s a lot of information to consider when it comes to selecting a vacuum tanker that’s right for the job. Fortunately, our team is always here to help! Nevertheless, we thought it would be useful to break down this information to help you when it comes to renting a vacuum tanker from us in the future.

In this article, we will explain what vacuum tankers do, how they do it, and the range of options available to you – to suit your application.

Firstly, what exactly are vacuum tankers?

Vacuum tankers are used predominantly to suction up large volumes of liquid – either to remove it or transport it elsewhere. The powerful suction capabilities combine with high pressure jetting to clean up and remove wastewater materials.

Depending on the wastewater involved, vacuum tankers can come in a range of sizes and adaptations.

The operational rear of a TCL Tanker Vacuum tanker

Vacuum tanker applications

Here’s what our vacuum tankers do:

●     Flood response

●     Slurry drainage

●     Sewage unblocking & drainage

●     Oil spillages

●     Drawing water from lakes, streams and rivers

●     Environmental cleaning

●     Industrial cleaning

●     Portable toilet servicing

All in all, businesses use vacuum tankers to either remove liquids for environmental and safety purposes or transport liquid from one location to another.

The range of vacuum tankers at TCL

All our tankers have up to a 30,000-litre capacity and are operational up to 44 tonnes GVW.

Key features & benefits include:

●     Comprehensive controls designed with maximum usability and minimum effort in mind – so the operator can safely and easily use the tanker. We also provide full guidance where needed.

●     Options of either an on-board donkey engine or hydraulic (from the truck) driven 530 c.f.m air-cooled compressor.

●     Either Hydraulic powered full sized -opening rear door or 600mm rear access hatch with manual clamps for easy access and use.

●     Sight glass so the operator can see the volume of liquid in the tank.

●     Baffled tank for enhanced safety – these are bulkheads that fluids can move through, helping to control liquid surge.

●     +/- 1 bar working

●     Bauer or URT inlet, outlet and gas recovery connections

We supply a range of vacuum tankers and can also adapt each tanker to your job specifications.

The main versions we offer are:

ADR vacuum tankers

For any carriage of hazardous waste, you must comply with the ADR regulations (European Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road).

Our ADR vacuum tankers are robust, reliable, safe and approved for ADR regulations. Standard equipment includes engine or hydraulic drive powerful air cooled compressor and full opening hydraulic rear door.

ADR high powered tipping-back tankers

Simply, these tankers ‘do exactly as they say on the tin’. Tipping, and high flow rate liquid ring compressors, plus wash down jetter these tankers are fully equipped.

Non-hazardous vacuum tankers

For applications where waste is not deemed hazardous – like septic tanks and waste effluent – these tankers are appropriate, low tare weight and powerful compressors, they are efficient and require low maintenance

TCL Tankers support vehicle

3 steps to organising your vacuum tanker rental with TCL

Renting a tanker from TCL is a simple process, whether on a short-term or long-term contract.

  1. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements. Let us know:
  2. the specific application use (whether you’ll be using for flood recovery, slurry removal, hazardous liquid transportation etc.)
  3. the estimated usage amount (how many jobs the tanker(s) will do and in what timeframe)
  4. any specifications you require (tipping-back mechanism, certain pumps etc.)
  5. We’ll then recommend what tanker(s) you should rent and explain the rental contracts associated with them
  6. Once you’ve confirmed your tanker rental, you can either have the tanker delivered or pick up the tanker from our site near Leeds, West Yorkshire

Ongoing support for your vacuum tanker rental

Renting a tanker doesn’t just end when you sign an agreement. TCL makes sure we support you throughout your rental with repairs, modification, inspection & testing and replacement parts & accessories – for complete peace of mind.


Whether it’s a minor leak or major accident damage, repairs need an urgent response – so you can get back on the road and continue your job.

Our full repair service is insurance company-approved and offers vital services like vehicle recovery – with rapid response.

Inspection & Testing

During your rental period, you need to make sure your vehicle remains safe and compliant – to minimise any issues in the future.

Let us take this responsibility off your hands by handling the following:

●     Vessel inspection

●     Pneumatic and hydraulic

●     Pressure and vacuum

●     Overhaul and inspection of pumps and compressors

●     Equipment and systems

●     Insulation and cladding

●     Volume calibration

●     Regulation compliance

●     Full certification and traceability


Improving your vessels’ performances can improve the efficiency and efficacy of the job you’re doing.

Speak to us about our bespoke enhancements – from size conversions to vacuum pump replacements.

Stay on the Road

Tanker in the workshop during the rental period? We’ll offer you a replacement tanker – ensuring no downtime for your business.

Replacement Parts & Accessories

Save money & time when you order through us. Our close ties with leading manufacturers and strong purchasing power can quickly get you the best parts & accessories – at the best price.

Designed For Safety signage

Enhancing the safety of our rental fleet, we are UK distributor for Designed For Safety signage – which includes ADR Kemler displays, Grade Product Indicators and Hazard Warning Diamonds.

Learn more here.

Happy Businessmen looking at a computer monitor

Overall, what are the benefits of renting a vacuum tanker from TCL?

In summary:

●     Respond quickly to on-demand services like flood recovery

●     Plan ahead costs to your business with fixed contract prices

●     Request bespoke specifications to fit your unique needs

●     Be assured you will meet ADR regulations

●     Have peace of mind in a fully-operational repair service

●     Gain access to a pipeline of the latest technology so you can confidently carry out jobs for your clients

Contact us to discuss renting vacuum tankers

As one of the UK’s largest stainless steel tanker rental companies, we specialise in solving the operational needs of various market sectors. This means providing you with a range of tankers to suit your application needs.

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